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We Seek Drilling Deals
Payday Minerals, LLC is a driller always on the search for oil and gas drilling prospects and drilling deals. If you have land that we can get an oil and gas lease on and there is something "special" about your tract, perhaps there is a fit.

What is meant by "special?" That means not just any land, as there are billions of acres unleased in the United States that are not prospective. But if your land has real potential for oil or natural gas production... and you have some solid info, not just a hope and a prayer, we're interested. For instance, if oil wells or gas wells are within sight all around your land, or if there was an oil well or natural gas well on your place years ago and you know that it was still producing oil or gas when abandoned, that's the type of thing that we can consider. An abandoned oil well or gas well in an old oil field or gas field is definitely of interest.

These situations do arise. Such as when oil or gas prices collapsed (as they have often done since the oil business began) and the well was no longer profitable, an operator can be forced to abandon the well, as he can't just keep losing money. And, there are other reasons that wells are abandoned, yet, still productive, such as a company bankruptcy. Right now, oil prices, especially, have risen and perhaps we can make a profit by drilling your lease or reworking an abandoned well.

Likewise, if you are in the oil business and have a low-risk drilling deal for sale, especially if you have a geologic prospectus on it, we're interested in taking a look. We are especially interested in oil deals, or natural gas deals where the production is liquids-rich. Or, if by the time you read this, natural gas prices have risen, perhaps that will "dollar up."

Here is more information about our activity as an oil drilling company / gas drilling company. (Another term for our type of oil drilling company is oil driller or gas driller.)

We are interested in oil prospects or natural gas prospects in any state, including lands that are in one of the various "shale plays." These include Marcellus shale, Eagle Ford shale, Haynesville shale, Utica shale, Tuscaloosa shale, Monterey shale, Niobrara shale, Antrim shale, Bakken shale, etc. These drilling regions lie in several states, namely, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Ohio, Montana, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

There are also producing basins in the oil producing states or states which have natural gas production, such as: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, California, Colorado, Montana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, North Dakota, Ohio,  Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Kentucky, Nebraska, Florida, Utah, and West Virginia.

Please contact us if you own mineral rights in an oil field or gas field and think your lease should be drilled or reworked. The more information you can provide, the better!

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