, buyers of mineral rights

Sell Your Oil Check Or Gas Check
Do you receive an oil check or gas check from an oil or gas company? These checks are received because you own mineral rights or a royalty interest. Whether you receive an occasional, small oil production check, small gas production check or a large monthly royalty check, we'll buy your interest.

There are many reasons people choose to sell:

  • Your oil interest or oil income is small and you're tired of dealing with it.
  • Your gas interest or gas income is small and you'd rather enjoy a large sum payment.
  • For whatever reason, you need or would enjoy a nice cash payday.
  • Your producing property provides a nice income but a big cash payday would help more!
  • Paperwork is a hassle and you'd rather get rid of it.

These are various questions people we have seen people post regarding an oil check or gas check:

  • "Who will buy my minerals?"
  • "Who buys royalty?"
  • "Who will buy my oil check?"
  • "Who will buy my gas check?"
  • "Can I sell my mineral rights?"
  • "Can I sell my royalty rights?"
  • "Can I sell my oil income?"
  • "Can I sell my gas income?"
  • "I'm interested in selling my mineral rights?"
  • "Can I sell my royalties?"
  • "Will you buy my royalty check?"
  • "Can I sell my oil property?"
  • "Can I sell my gas property?"
  • "Who buys oil rights?"
  • "Who buys gas rights?"

The answer is in the name -- Payday Minerals! With well over thirty years of experience, we can handle any transaction, large or small. We've paid out many millions of dollars to mineral owners just like you in the past few years alone. We'll make it a pleasant experience for you. It's a challenging, but fun job. Do you remember the old t.v. show "The Millionaire?" It was a show about a man who gave away a million dollars on each show. That's what we feel like... it's fun giving away money! Our backers have very deep pockets, indeed and we are happy to spend it! Of course, if you're receiving a small amount in your oil check or gas check, we can't pay you a million dollars, but, still, a lump sum cash payment for your mineral rights can add up to a nice payday!

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