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Payday Minerals, LLC also does business as an oilfield consultant, landman and agent for mineral owners anywhere in the USA. If you own mineral rights, an oil and gas consultant is a valuable ally in the battle of negotiating a good oil and gas lease with an oil company. We recommend that if you do not hire us, hire someone! And we mean someone who has a lot of oil and gas experience. It's a very complicated business.

If you were a sports star graduating college, you'd know that your potential future income is huge and you'd want to get all you can when negotiating with company owners. Would you represent yourself or hire an agent? I can't think of any sports star who has negotiated his own deal. Yet, the vast majority of mineral owners do just that! And it's a big mistake. Do you think you are a skilled negotiator? Do you understand the oil business backwards and forwards? Can you read an oil and gas lease and have a clue what it means? Doubtful. Hire a pro!

One of the primary skills an oil and gas consultant brings to the table is negotiating skills. This skill is gained through years of experience and a general talent for deal-making and persuasion. Knowing how much oil and gas leases go for. Knowing how to make a case for what he's asking for. Our job is to get as much for you as we can. Without a skilled deal maker, a good land consultant, you're leaving money on the table!

A very key component of what we do for mineral owners is knowing how to structure the deal, how to draw up the lease contract. The oil and gas lease contract is extremely important to you and your heirs. Your mineral rights are potentially valuable. If the oil company drills a well, the oil lease or gas lease can be in effect for decades. It can make you very happy if you have a good contract, or haunt you if poorly drawn. There are thousands of leases in effect today that are many decades old. Don't dare sign a lease without having a professional on your team. Landman experience is crucial!

Over the years, it has become all too apparent that the vast majority of people do not hire a professional. And that is a bad decision! The oil and gas lease contract that these mineral rights owners sign is far inferior to one we would recommend. It's baffling why people take this so lightly. An oil company is NOT going to offer you the most favorable lease terms that a skilled oilman or landman or land consultant would negotiate! Give us a call!

Clients who hire us have, in effect, an oil business partner on their side. We are able to not only skillfully negotiate and structure the deal, but also answer questions. And since it's a very complicated business, questions are plentiful! Remove the fear of dealing with an oil company, hire us!

We are for hire as oil and gas consultant for mineral owners in any state. Some of the most active areas for oil and gas leases are in "shale plays." These include Eagle Ford shale, Marcellus shale, Utica shale, Haynesville shale, Tuscaloosa shale, Niobrara shale, Monterey shale, Bakken shale, Antrim shale, etc. These shale plays are having a large impact in many states, namely, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, New Mexico. Thousands, upon thousands of mineral owners are signing leases they shouldn't! Since many of these shale plays are in areas where mineral owners have no experience at oil and gas leasing, they are all too eager to sign what is presented so they can spend the lease bonus money!

If you seek a landman, land consultant, mineral rights consultant, mineral rights agent, whatever you want to call it, we're eager! We are available to work for you in any state but some key oil producing states are as follows: Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, California, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Utah, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Florida, and West Virginia. We recommend that you give us a call and let us help you get the best deal possible! Doesn't cost a thing, make that call!

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