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Being Proactive

Should I Be Proactive To Try To Get An Oil & Gas Lease Or Sell My Mineral Rights?

Mineral owners who own land that is not leased often think that they should just be proactive and solicit a lease from various oil companies. Simple! However, unless one is an industry professional and has lots of industry contacts, typically, this is a waste of time. Why? Because, in general, the oil business does not work this way. Typically, oil companies do not care if you own mineral rights in any particular spot.

In general, the oil business works due to a company having a team of geologists and geophysicists. These scientists are continually using their science to find areas where they think it's prospective to find oil or gas. They direct their land department to then go out and buy leases in the area which they have identified as prospective. It usually doesn't do any good for you to post 'lease available' anywhere. However, you might be able to hire a professional to do this if it's in a developing area. Contact us if interested.

Another exception is that a mineral owner might have sufficient acreage to drill a well. He would need to hire a consulting geologist to study the area. If the geologist thinks it's a worthy spot, he can create an official 'prospect' to pitch to the industry. Welcome to the oil biz!

One of the situations that interests us is... if your family owns land where there used to be an old oil or gas well and it had to be abandoned due to mechanical failure or the operator went broke, etc., and the well was producing profit at the time of abandonment, we might be interested in looking into it. (See Give us a call.

Other than that, in general, a mineral owner is in the waiting game.

Sell Mineral Rights

If one wishes to sell mineral rights, it's a different story, because a mineral buyer has more interest in you selling mineral rights than leasing to him. If a mineral buyer provides a solution to those wishing to sell mineral rights, completing the sale of mineral rights, he has more time for something to happen. If you lease, the term of the lease is, generally, say, three to ten years. But if you sell mineral rights to me, even if it takes 20 years or so for something to happen, at least I will someday enjoy some return on my investment. A sale of mineral rights is preferable to me, as a buyer.

For those selling mineral rights, time is a huge factor. The mineral owner might not want to wait 10, 20, even 30 years for the mineral rights to be developed. It's a long-term situation and often, the mineral owner has no control over when his mineral interests will get drilled. The mineral buyer might not even make a profit if it takes a long time, because he would have been better off to keep his investment money in the bank. But, it's a gambler's game. We make our operation work because we serve as the mineral buyer on lots of transactions. Some work out for us, some don't, but overall, we make it work by spreading risk across many deals.

We are the solution for those wishing to sell mineral rights in many areas:

  • Sell Texas mineral rights
  • Sell Oklahoma mineral rights
  • Sell West Virginia gas rights
  • Selling North Dakota mineral rights
  • Sell Pennsylvania gas rights
  • Selling Louisiana royalties
  • Sell Colorado mineral rights
  • Sell Michigan royalties
  • Sell New Mexico mineral rights
  • Sell Mississippi mineral rights
  • Selling Arkansas gas rights
There are other areas in the USA where you can sell mineral rights; you can sell minerals to us in any region where there is oil and gas production. We are also very active in all of the "shale plays" --

  • Sell Marcellus shale mineral rights
  • Sell Eagle Ford shale mineral rights
  • Sell Haynesville shale gas rights
  • Selling Bakken shale mineral rights
  • Sell Barnett shale gas rights
  • Selling Haynesville shale royalties
  • Sell Antrim shale mineral rights
  • Sell Fayetteville shale mineral rights
  • Sell TMS mineral rights
Note: The TMS stands for "Tuscaloosa Marine Shale," which is in Mississippi (primarily Amite County and Wilkinson County) and Louisiana.

We also will help you sell mineral rights in Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming, Ohio, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas and other states. If you are interested in selling mineral rights, we are the internet's most active mineral buyer, so, please contact us. We will do almost all of the work; all you have to do is supply us with information. We've closed many a sale of mineral rights across many states and our goal is to make you glad that you got cash money to sell mineral rights to us.

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